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PS 3 Problém

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PS 3 Problém

Příspěvekod khanhtrung » středa 12. červenec 2017 17:30:10

The artistic spirit that created Detroit's Heidelberg Project remains transported to Australia in the couple of days when urban environmental painter and sculptor Tyree Guyton heads to Sydney.
Guyton purports to use his urban art approach of turning cast-off articles, and colored spots and stripes into exhibits by aboriginal youth inside the troubled Redfern a part of South Sydney. Four exhibit areas needs to be achieved by fall, in Sydney Park, within the school, community center and skateboard park, Guyton stated.

Guyton has won numerous art awards, his tasks are proven in museums and galleries nationwide and hubby has showed up in this area on national television programs.

Heidelberg Project hosts its second annual fund-raiser at 6 p.m. This summer time time time 18 at Fifth Avenue in Comerica Park. Entertainment includes artist Thornetta Davis, another of Guyton's works will likely be auctioned.

Admission is $25 in or $20 in advance by contacting

Hawkins indictment printed on CDB Site

It won't be lusty and crusty. Similar to musing and confusing.

People with time available and dig for the perjury charges filed lately against Detroit restaurateur La-Van Hawkins.

A Philadelphia grand jury alleges that Hawkins perjured themselves during testimony concerning two $5,000 checks he authored. The indictment alleges that Philadelphia attorney Ronald White-colored-colored used the money from Hawkins although some to attain influence in city business through former city Treasurer Corey Kemp.
The entire 155-page indictment can be found online. The section associated with Hawkins, which begins on-page 117 inside the document (Page 122 inside the PDF itself), includes this data:

* Hawkins testified that in March 2002, he authored a $5,000 check to Kemp like a wedding gift, nevertheless the check didn't apparent. The indictment alleges the check did apparent the funds received to Kemp - who, really, increased to get married. Nearly couple of years earlier. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/what-size-skateboard-should-i-get-skates-zone

* In September 2002, Hawkins gave White-colored-colored-colored-colored another $5,000 make certain that wasn't for anyone. Hawkins stated White-colored-colored-colored-colored provides the cash obtaining a unknown African-American newspapers that "were helping me inside my situation against Hamburger King.'' While using indictment, the check bounced two occasions.

* a couple of days before that second check, White-colored-colored-colored-colored gave Hawkins a $5,000 make certain that Hawkins stated may have been to cover him for that first $5,000 check ... or it may have been partial payment within the $40,000 loan, which Hawkins thinks he earned in cash.

Requested where he'd obtain a lot cash, Hawkins responded: "For me personally you realize I'm a multimillionaire. So $40,000, you understand, I'm sorry, that $40,000 just left my money.'' Particularly, a drawer in the office.

Dauch's name part of new HQ address

The street address for American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings Corporation.'s Detroit headquarters features a familiar name - individuals from the chairman and Ceo.

There's a brandname-new headquarters off I-75 and Holbrook Avenue at One Dauch Drive, named after Richard Dauch, their co-founder.

The idea originated in employees, executives and buddies. Dauch was stored when asleep concerning the street status as extended as you possibly can, stated Carrie Gray, director of corporate relations.

His reaction?

"I don't think he hated it, clearly,'' she stated. "We thought it could give some recognition for almost any number of of the items he's for your vehicle industry combined with the city.''

In 1994, Dauch, along with Blackstone Capital, bought the final Vehicle Corp. Gear and Axle plant in Detroit and created American Axle. The fermentation, money-losing operation was modernized and switched profits. How To Set Up|Assemble A Skateboard

Until this past year, executive offices were inside the plant. Employees began relocating for that brand-new headquarters, just west inside the plant, last This summer time time time. The very best group, which incorporated Dauch, moved in last December. The organization is hosting a dedication and tour This summer time time time 23.
Naposledy upravil khanhtrung dne středa 19. červenec 2017 17:29:58, celkově upraveno 1

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Re: PS 3 Problém

Příspěvekod Miky » středa 12. červenec 2017 19:49:29

khanhtrung píše:Zdravím. Mám problém s ps3 a to v tom, že když vložím do konzole jakoukoliv ps3 hru tak se mi spustí černá obrazovka a po chvíli mi to najede zpět do menu s chybou 80010017. Kupoval jsem i novou optiku ale žádné zlepšení furt ta stejná chyba. DVD ps3 pro změnu ani nenačte. Pokud někdo máte s tímto zkušenosti prosím napište jsem fakt zoufalý Děkuji.

Zdravím, zkušenost s tím přímo nemám, ale koukněte na stránky Sony, kde o této chybě píšou https://www.playstation.com/en-ae/get-h ... /80010017/

Doporučují vložit jiný disk, pokud chyba přetrvává, tak přejít s PS3 do nouzového režimu.
Šéfredaktor Zingu, herní pisálek, fanoušek Need for Speed série, občas pořádný pařmen a od 13. srpna 2016 šťastný táta.

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Re: PS 3 Problém

Příspěvekod El_Scorpio » úterý 18. červenec 2017 10:40:58

Problem moze byt aj v novej optike. Odkial si kupoval? Tie z Aliexpressu su pouzivane a maju toho casto dost za sebou. A je rozdiel aj v tom, aky mas model. Stare PS3 20, 40, 60 a asi aj 80 GB modely pouzivali mechaniku s jednou sosovkou a od slim sa zacala pouzivat s dvoma sosovkami (kvalitnejsia). Tie mechaniky su akoby "zosobasene" so zakladnou doskou. Ak zapojis na zakladnu dosku starej FAT PS3 mechaniku zo Slim, ktora ma dve sosovky tak nebude fungovat.
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