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Klan komunity zing

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Klan komunity zing

Příspěvekod duonganh » čtvrtek 6. červenec 2017 19:29:13

A few words within the wrist guard. Many people I speak with know you because the wrist guard kid.

My wrist is super up. I am in a position to skate flatland without, however, essentially skate lower stairs or even handrail without, it'll break. http://skateszone.com/

Are you currently presently presently presently presently presently presently acquiring a health care provider?

I broke it two occasions along with second who's did not heal right. The physician described I either needed to eliminate it again and also have surgical procedure or put on a wrist guard.

Are you going to have it re-damaged?

Maybe basically break it again. I though I broke it lately, nonetheless it had been just the metal within the wrist guard bending.

How about the kickflip 50-50? Because individuals know you for your too.

How about it?

Is an issue that will come fairly simple?

Acquainted with formerly skate that old Skate Street park in Ventura and in addition they'd great handrails, well, i learned them there first, Knowledgeable about it within my sponsor-me video lower that Fillmore 10, then after i visited Hillcrest the very first time while using the Walnut guys they preferred to check out that trick I suppose.

They selected over be familiar with finest hits inside the video, huh?


I heard you'd an idea that showering every single day is a government plot. How frequently can you really shower?

I'm unsure. Personally a traditional government plot is delivering kids to college all day long lengthy extended extended extended extended extended to help keep these items acquainted with your nine-to-five day. But up to now as showering, I truly do shower, but under normal people. The factor is, if you are just susceptible to mind out skating and fall on black ground and stuff, then why can you really bother showering when you are conscious you are just getting dirty again? If you are coping with streak when attempting to skate great, there's it's not necessary to shower.

Even when there is a night's sleep among?

A night's sleep?
Yeah, similar to situation you skate when asleep therefore you know you'll most likely skate every single day, could it be helpful to get a shower among?

No. Not may i be susceptible to skate every single day. May i be susceptible to school and there is prone to complete in addition to stuff, i then will.

Has getting backed introduced for the ladies?

No, not just one bit. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/what-size-skateboard-should-i-get-skates-zone

Not always on the highway?

We have not experienced demo tours, only footage tours.

Individuals are dude ranches, individuals footage tours. You ought to get within the malls in which the ladies can easily see you.

Big ol' demos where chicks allow you to sign their panties and shit.

Seems like an enjoyable experience. Possibly you've was employment?

I labored at Wendy's for 2 primary primary days. It had been the gayest factor ever. I ongoing my 15-minute break as opposed to returned. I had been departing along with boss yelled at me that individuals wasn't permitted disappear Wendy's inside the 15-minute break. You are able to only leave in your 30-minute break. I pointed out I had been when using the phone, like I made the decision over visit a pay phone. So he yelled, "There is a cell phone the following!In . I simply stored running.

What's from him again?

Yeah. I created an e-mail within the answering machine, "Whether it is Erection disorder from Wendy's, I quit. I am sorry.

What is the stupidest consider skateboarding?

Most likely people hating individuals visiting their spots. I heard that in Philly they hated dudes which come through requesting their spots. Personally they might need to be able to skate. Skateboarding needs to be fun.

Precisely what are a handful of spots you are trying to find?

I virtually know where the situation is.

What's the simplest way to support the spots?

The way you found all of the spots is essentially that you simply either visit a name or even previous address within the photo then utilize the web and uncover it. In older occasions Acquainted with formerly visit demos and get professionals where spots were. I happened upon in which the Wilshire rails were by asking Andrew Reynolds since they found Skate Street.

Did not there's a brush while using the law lately?

I had been attempting to steal a bench from Ventura College within my dad's vehicle. It is a Subaru-like vehicle therefore, it's type of short. My pal Antonio resembles, "You need to monitor most therefore it does not quit.In . Well, I'm driving on these back roads i hear this noise i change Because the bench is receding, as well as for reasons unknown I cut completely left side within the road coming inside the curb and elevated for that pavement and sprang both my tires. There's this lady 20 ft away together with her kid--they need to are really probably most likely probably most likely probably most likely probably the most scared lady ever. I yelled sorry to her, but she ran away and her husband ran out and almost beat the shit from me. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-set-upassemble-skateboard-skates-zone-1

I acquired all scared and drove away within the flat tires and ditched the bench inside the scene within the crime. I'm able to to cover my dad's vehicle at Ventura College within the lots, nevertheless they found the vehicle now I owe numerous money to everybody who bailed me out. I acquired billed obtaining effective-and-operate a hit-and-focus on a curb, nonetheless it got tossed out.
Naposledy upravil duonganh dne středa 12. červenec 2017 8:33:40, celkově upraveno 2

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Re: Klan komunity zing

Příspěvekod Docik » pátek 7. červenec 2017 12:35:05

duonganh píše:Tak mě napadlo:
Co kdyby někdo udělal takový multiklan komunity zingu.
Tedy za předpokladu že to zingu jako takovém nebude proti srsti.
Zde očekávám všelijaké reakce na věc.
určitě to již někoho napadlo tak se jen ptám co na to říkáte?


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